Spacious: Unprecedented in size & magnificent in style, our 7 spacious buildings are built on 20 dunam of the historic Schneller Park.

Private: Nestled on a secluded site, the Merom Yerushalayim property is set back more than 250 meters from the main road and noise levels measure 60% lower than the majority of new real estate
projects in the city.

Serene: Suburban in character, the quality of living is further enhanced by 17 dunam of lush greenery and 8 preserved historic sites

Prestigious: Synchronizing ancient architecture and modern living, Merom Yerushalayim is the perfect combination of tradition & modernity.

Location: Situated in the epicenter of Yerushalayim's Torah & Chassidic centers.

View: Unparalleled as they are breathtaking, the panoramic view of the Old City and Yerushalayim's majestic skyline are the fulfillment of an incredible dream for families from all over the world.

Community: Comprised of families who appreciate an upscale home and a heimishe environment our vibrant and sophisticated community originatesfrom the United States, Europe, and Israel.

Unlimited in scope, yet accessible to all, living in Merom Yerushalayim avails you to a lifetime of inspiration.